Prayers Of The People

We lift up to God these prayers…

We endeavor to keep this prayer list as up-to-date as possible. Names are usually removed after a month, but inclusion of names may easily be extended by contacting one of the clergy.

If you have submitted a name and would like prayers to continue, please let us know that via and we will gladly add them.
For those known to our community: Mark Audley, Eric Brubaker, Patricia Bruce, Ann Burke, Phil Chavez and family, Mary Davis, Cecilia DePippo, Pauline Dominguez, Joyce Dorn, Ann and Neal Dougherty, Brett Hain, Sofia and Woody Hain, René Handley- Arriaza, Rob Hayes, Laura Hevia Del Puerto and family, Sallie Higginbotham, James Jensen, Lynnel Jensen, Stephen Kastner, David Kinel, Jocelyn Medina, The Molitor family, John Moran and family, The family and friends of Corina Moray, Sharon Garrison Morrow, Kaz Mousavi's niece, Johnathan Nieto, Carol Nunemaker, Rev. Pyong Oh, Tommy Parham, Paula Anderson Peacock, Carlos Peraza, Stephanie Peraza, Lidiya Potapenko and family, Celina Romero, Wayne Schenck, Ha-yeong Shin, Donna Shook, Jill Shook, Wendy Stiver, Tim Sun, Phyllis and Howard Underwood, Deb and Gary Webster, Jan Wentz, Sonya Wittry, Richard Zeiss, Rosy Zide.
For those hurt by the ongoing reality of systemic racism and the devaluing of lives of people of color.

For those infected with and by the Coronavirus and their families.

For the community: prayers for the poor, homeless, incarcerated, for those seeking employment, and for those suffering from mental illness and addiction, for young people who are “dreamers” and are fearful for their future, for victims of human trafficking and those living with sexual assault and abuse.

For refugees the world over who are the victims of war, terror and disaster. And for families separate at our border. Help us respond in love.

For the just resolution of conflict for the people of China, Congo, Cuba Darfur, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Myanmar, Native Americans, North Korea, Pakistan, Southern Sudan, Syria, Tibet, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Israel & Palestine.